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Because our FilaSorb surface is so smooth, we can apply very high-resolution images, patterns, and textures on printed acoustic wall panels using a technology we call QuietPrint. In addition to our library of patterns, QuietPrint is available as a custom option to soundscape your spaces using your own graphics and images.

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Minimum Acoustic NRC Rating

Acoufelt’s acoustic panels are made of FilaSorb, our proprietary felt material, made from reclaimed PET plastics and engineered for optimal sound absorption, sustainability, human safety, depth of color, and smooth surface printing. Offered in two thicknesses and multiple patterns as well as high-resolution custom printing, our panels’ design capacity is unlimited.


We help designers, architects, and owners meet their clean building goals by testing all of our products against internationally recognized environmental and human safety standards to protect our employees, our customers, and future generations. Read more about our sustainability work here.



Wall & Ceiling


100% Polyester



Recycled Content

60% minimum

NRC Rating

.45 minimum


1/2″ (12mm)
1″ (24mm)


48″W x 110″H

Fire Tests

12mm:ASTM E84-17a Class A

24mm: Pending Approval

Lead Time

3-6 weeks


Manufactured and Assembled in the USA


Acoufelt design engineers and fabricators stand ready to serve on your design team, marrying their deep understanding of the art and science of soundscaping to your vision with custom cutting, printing, shaping, and technical advice to soundscape your designs.

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How to specify

Specify Step 1

1. Choose your surfaces
Soundscape your space by placing enough sound absorption where it has the greatest impact. Hint: adjoining surfaces with sound-absorbing materials reduce reverberation faster.

Specify Step 2

2. Select a woodgrain option and v-cut
Choose from 30 woodgrain options and five contrasting v-cut colors. Or use our custom capabilities to design your own.

Specify Step 3

3. Measure your installation space
Take the dimensions and get in touch so we can help you soundscape your space efficiently.

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