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Architizer Awards SoftenUp Ceiling System Ceiling Category Winner in its Annual A+Awards Program, an online marketplace that supports architects and designers around the world in their search for materials and products, has released news of its 2021 A+Product Awards for products and space design, awarding Acoufelt’s new Soften-up Ceiling System in both the Ceiling Products and Acoustic products categories.

“It’s a great honor to receive this award and acknowledgment from one of the A&D world’s most celebrated marketplaces,” says Kristi Rubino, Director of Marketing. “Our design and production teams have worked very hard to create and release a product that supports the sound, wellness, and sustainability goals Architects and Designers have while designing beautiful environments. And we’re pretty proud of the cost savings this product provides for installers too.”

Acoufelt’s SoftenUp Ceiling System, released this year, offers effortlessly installed, slatted acoustic tiles that can be dropped into a new or previously installed 15/16” or 9/16” T-grid ceiling framework. The drop-in installation requires no special tools, and hides the ceiling grid as it creates a span of sound-absorbing beams or slats. The system achieves up to a .95 NRC value, effectively quieting any space where quiet is needed.

The ease of installing SoftenUp accommodates lighting and mechanical systems, reducing work, time, and labor costs when compared with other acoustic ceiling products. The tiles are lightweight and shipped in boxes, rather than on palettes, lowering transportation costs and waste, while eliminating the need for specialized machinery to install them.

While easy to install, adding SoftenUp to any space creates a dramatic change in both aesthetics and acoustics. The system allows the specifier a wide range of design options as it conceals the grid, creating an uninterrupted overall plane. The underside of the system defines the look, creating beams at 2” and 4” widths, each available in 1” and 3” depths. Designers can choose a sleek, modern, textural effect, or an inviting, sound-absorbing alternative to a wood beam ceiling, choosing from Acoufelt’s deep palette and printed designs.


Sue Kuzee


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