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12 New Colors Join Acoufelt's FilaSorb Range

The experts in Making Quiet™ introduce 12 new colors to their FilaSorb™ wall and ceiling acoustic panel collection. ​

With a holistic approach to design and functionality, Acoufelt’s acoustic panel series offers endless opportunities to practically and aesthetically enhance any working, learning, healing, or living space. The new range of acoustic wall and ceiling panels perfectly complements Acoufelt’s existing acoustic portfolio to improve and ignite shared spaces for the ears and the eyes. With the introduction of modern, biophilic hues, the new series features earthy greens like kale, thistle, and oregano, and pops of softer primaries and cooler colors like peach and popcorn that work seamlessly to deliver a sense of calm and creativity to everyday spaces. ​

Acoufelt CEO and founder Ben Grace says “We understand the power of color and the impact it can have on our senses, so we wanted to create a palette that could help to reduce stress, improve mental clarity and get the creative juices flowing. We’re big believers in making everyday environments more engaging, and what better way to do this than by creating a new color series that can make even the harshest of built environments more approachable.”

As with all Acoufelt solutions, FilaSorb has been thoughtfully and mindfully created with sustainability at the core. A minimum of 60% recycled material goes into each FilaSorb wall and ceiling panel, allowing it to be recycled again in the future, closing the loop on the circular economy.

“We’re firm believers that acoustic solutions shouldn’t come with compromise. There shouldn’t be a trade-off when it comes to performance and design and there certainly shouldn’t be a trade-off when it comes to environmental well-being. With the introduction of this new series, we feel like we’ve been able to push the boundaries further to offer an even more holistic approach, without compromise,” says Ben Grace.

The new FilaSorb color collection will be available September 29.

Acoufelt is Making Quiet in shared spaces for better working, learning, and living. Our Acoustic FWC™ Philosophy looks at all six surfaces of a room with exceptional solutions representing the nexus point for aesthetic and acoustic design. Our holistic approach to sustainability and our commitment to thought leadership make Acoufelt a disruptive force in revolutionizing the design of shared spaces.


Sue Kuzee


Making Quiet™ where people, work, learn, heal and connect is what we do. We partner with designers to analyze the way sound enters a space and flows along its surfaces, and develop materials and strategies to soundscape any environment, making its experience healthier and more productive for people and for the planet.