The Garden Family Medical Clinic

Custom Clouds

The Garden Family Medical Clinic, known as the Garden, is a new state-of-the-art facility in Murdoch, Western Australia.  The Garden prides itself in being a sanctuary for healthcare and improving lives.

Healthcare design and construction specialist, Perfect Practice, was engaged early to ensure the design intent “green is our theme” was highlighted. The inspiration?  The outdoor garden courtyard used as a waiting room with the idea that “nature and fresh air is good for the soul.”  With this vision in mind, and understanding the need for acoustic treatment to protect client privacy and ensure visitor comfort, a bespoke idea emerged.

A leaf-like structure, comprised of a cluster of suspended clouds made from intersecting beams of acoustic material in the colors Popcorn, Butter, and Wasabi, became the focal point of the waiting room. Better yet, the cloud system would achieve an NRC of .75 to safeguard the quiet of the waiting room.

The work of Perfect Practice and Acoufelt showcases how thoughtful acoustic design can add immense value to a space, contributing both thematic character and soundscaping function.

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