Spec Suites

Truss Baffles

When designing move-in ready office spaces in Washington, DC, Deceder Group wanted to strike the perfect balance between a welcoming residential ambiance and the sleek, professional, and modern look that defines contemporary workspaces. They recognize the importance of creating an environment that seamlessly combines the comfort of a warm residential space with the sophistication demanded by modern office settings.

The strategic horizontal suspension and configuration of baffles can be used as a versatile way to absorb sound in a space. Acoufelt’s Truss Baffles in Wine Barrel infused a sense of warmth and coziness into the Spec Suite meeting rooms and café area. Even small details like a ceiling baffle in a WoodBeQuiet print makes a big impact while preserving privacy and absorbing sound.

Good design extends to even the smallest elements, as exemplified by the WoodBeQuiet print on the Truss ceiling baffles. These baffles not only contribute to the residential feel but also serve a crucial function by effectively absorbing sound, ensuring a conducive and peaceful atmosphere for collaboration and focus.

The result? A space where functionality meets finesse, and where every detail is carefully considered to create an inspiring workplace where people want to conduct their daily business tasks.

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