Scotch College Wellbeing and Sport Center


Australian architecture firm Hames Sharley was commissioned for the Scotch College project in Adelaide to develop a strong vision for the center – aspiring to “replace the old with the bold.” New facilities would include modern flexible classrooms and collaboration zones, a café, a swimming pool, and multi-purpose areas. Furthermore, the center would be designed following regenerative design principles in the pursuit of achieving a global CORE Living Building Challenge (LBC) rating, which would be a first of its kind in Australia.

The challenge for Hames Sharley was to ensure design plans would not only meet the brief for aesthetics and functionality but also incorporate low-impact materials, preferably those with an LBC Declare product label.

To match the center’s corridor walls and floorboards, they choose Acoufelt’s unique Declare-certified WoodBeQuiet™ Ceiling Plank solution. WoodBeQuiet™ planks are made from acoustic felt material, and printed to appear like real wood planks. However, unlike real wood, these planks are lightweight, easy to install with a peel and stick backing, and achieve a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.40. Better yet, the planks are made from 60% recycled PET material and achieve ‘Red List Free’ declaration under the LBC’s Declare program.

For the flexible learning spaces, Acoufelt supplied Rectangle Ceiling Clouds, visually extending the color palette. Achieving a minimum NRC of 0.60, the Clouds offer targeted sound absorption while hiding components of the exposed ceiling above. Acoufelt Clouds are also made from 60% recycled material and produced using 40% renewable solar energy.

This project is a testament to the power of thoughtful acoustic design in creating beautiful, low-impact, and functional spaces. Acoufelt’s portfolio of customizable products is an excellent choice for designers looking to incorporate sustainable and high-performing acoustic solutions in their projects.

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