WoodBeQuiet™ Plank Ceiling


WoodBeQuiet™ provides all the quiet elegance of a wood-paneled ceiling in this lobby, without the noise, weight, or deforestation.

A glamorous entryway, a beautiful elevator lobby, and quiet. We heard the needs and knew our newest offering, WoodBeQuiet™ planks, would meet them. While wood is noisy, and wood is heavy, wood is also beautiful. It invokes peace and makes humans comfortable. And the beauty of wood was exactly right for this project. WoodBeQuiet™ prints woodgrain in high resolutions on our smooth FilaSorb™ acoustic felt planks. This allows designers and contractors to panel offices as they would with real wood, without losing a single tree and while diverting plastics from the waste stream. The specialty contractor on this project, CMS, paneled this elegant lobby with WoodBeQuiet™ in Picket Fence. What can you do with WoodBeQuiet™?

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