Rock Ventures and Rock Family of Companies HQ

Linear Baffle

The Rock Ventures and Rock Family of Companies HQ of Companies includes a portfolio of more than 100 diverse entities including Rocket Companies, 100 Thieves, Stock X,, and the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers. For their new headquarters, Detroit design firm, Pophouse, designed a timeless space befitting the importance and style of the Detroit enterprise.

“This project allowed our team to showcase the talent we have in-house,” states Pophouse design director Chrissy Fehan, “and also many talented partners and artists within the Detroit community such as Library Street Collective.”

Pophouse’s mission includes creating beautiful design with a purpose, which is embodied by the auditorium located in Rock Companies’ Central Hub. “Sound management was critical for this project and especially in the auditorium located at the core of the space which encourages gathering and bringing individuals together,” states Fehan. “This space was optimized for acoustics for both the onsite and remote experience while also featuring a custom mural by Cody Hudson printed on Acoufelt’s wall panels”.

Along with custom wall panels, Pophouse chose to utilize ceiling areas to reduce unwanted noise in the building. Acoufelt baffles and a bespoke grid-like ceiling solution are found in both flexible work coves and private offices. Fehan adds, “Using Acoufelt’s solutions allowed us to make the space comfortable from a noise perspective, but also worked as a visual extension of the unique brand and style of the organization.”

John D’Angelo Photography

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