Truss Baffles

Acoustic baffles play a crucial role in ensuring that great ideas are not drowned out by noise in collaboration-driven environments.

In the case of Qualtrics, a software company with offices in Chicago, Illinois, creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for its employees was a top priority. While focused work was important, design firm Partners by Design (PBD) recognized the need for a versatile breakroom that could facilitate various types of conversations.

To address the potential issue of increased noise levels resulting from these diverse conversations, PBD enlisted the help of Folio-Solutions for advice on noise reduction solutions.

Soundscaping with ceiling baffles gives a sweeping mass of sound-absorbing surface into a space that is often sound reflective. At the same time, ceiling baffles offer designers an interesting opportunity to design in anything from a very quiet and understated look to a dynamic expression of color and form.

Ultimately, Acoufelt’s Truss Baffles in Wine Barrel were chosen for their ability to both mitigate sound and add an interesting design element to the space. Truss is an acoustic ceiling baffle that is easily installed and designed to mimic the natural aesthetic of a real wood beam, without the associated weight and sound reverberation of natural wood.

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