Pronto Pilates

WoodBeQuiet™ Slat

For their Claremont studio in Perth, Western Australia, Pronto Pilates approached Acoufelt looking for an acoustic solution to both enhance the soundscape of the studio, and also complement the existing wooden floorboards and sideboards to instill a cozy, natural feel.

Working closely to interpret their design vision, the Acoufelt team suggested WoodBeQuiet™ Slat panels as a floor-to-ceiling feature on two opposing walls within the main workout space. Pronto Pilates opted for the Log Cabin print with defined Black v-cut vertical grooves. The black v-cut grooves provide a nice contrast to the warm surrounds, whilst also coordinating with the black finishes on the reformer beds and equipment.

Since installing WoodBeQuiet™ Slats at their Claremont studio, Pronto Pilates replicated this design in two additional studios. The inclusion of WoodBeQuiet™ Slats not only adds a new biophilic appeal, but it reinforces the company’s commitment to providing a comfortable and engaging environment for members.

By seamlessly blending functionality, sustainability, and design, Acoufelt helped contribute to a space that embodies the spirit of Pronto Pilates’ inclusive and high-quality workout experience.