Charles Mist from the 1912 Collection strikes a playful balance between warm and cool tones.

Pophouse is a full-scope design studio focused on the built environment. Located in Detroit, Michigan, they work on both commercial and residential projects. Says Lee Goetgeluck, Design Director at Pophouse, “We selected the Charles pattern from the 1912 Collection because of the simplistic linework throughout this piece, showing transitions from warm to cool tones and light backing which ties into our mixed tones throughout the Pophouse space.”

Pophouse believes acoustic products contribute to both the visual and auditory plan for a space. “Introducing the Acoufelt acoustic panels into our office has been a natural addition,” continues Goetgeluck, who identified the need for wall panels in a high-traffic area of the office. She adds, “This feature helps to regulate the acoustics and provide a more comfortable and productive environment for our team members to work in”.

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