Pisco y Nazca

Truss Baffles

Pisco y Nazca, a Peruvian ceviche gastrobar with locations in Florida and Washington, DC, was looking to create a pleasant and warm ambiance at their new location in Reston, VA.

Being able to hear people at the table is crucial for creating a distinctive vibe for a restaurant. Pisco y Nazca enlisted //3877 design, an architecture and design firm, to help add visual interest, textural elements, and acoustic quality to the restaurant space.

Acoufelt’s Ridge SoftenUp ceiling frames in Wine Barrel with a Piano Black backer were chosen for the space and add the warmth and appearance of wood without the high cost.

Available in multiple colorways, SoftenUp frames are also offered in the Woodgrain Collection that mimics the aesthetic of real wood slats — a lightweight alternative to achieve the warmth of wood while providing beautiful, sound-absorbing material.

Each SoftenUp ceiling frame is comprised of a series of linear slats that, when installed side-by-side, achieve a flexible and sophisticated large-scale design.

All of that helps create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in any space. At Pisco y Nazca, restaurant patrons are enjoying the acoustic benefits of great table conversation and connection thanks to the sound absorption and acoustic quality of SoftenUp ceiling frames.

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