Pega Systems

Wing Baffles

Architect firm Visnick & Caulfield was brought on by Pega Systems, a Cambridge, MA software company to design their relocation and expansion to a 200,000-square-foot facility. 

Pega Systems had a multi-phase plan to update and move in so V&C needed to think holistically about the approach. Pega Systems’ goal was to make sure the facility reinforced its corporate brand throughout via colors and shapes. Additionally, they needed the space to accommodate numerous types of individual, touchdown, and teamwork areas. To define the areas, V&C used carpet patterns, colors, and ceiling baffles to ensure public meeting areas could be identified and conversations would be muted. By using Acoufelt’s Wing Baffles they were able to highlight the brand with multiple colors and angled shapes all resulting in a comfortable multi-purpose refuge for teams and individuals.  

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