One Avenue, Farringdon

Custom Baffles

London-based company One Avenue offers one-of-a-kind fully-furnished and serviced office spaces for businesses who prefer to have a fixed lease versus owning. Serviced offices go beyond just a lease, guaranteeing exceptional hospitality, a dedicated team of service personnel, and a beautiful unique build-out.  

Farringdon, One Avenue’s sixth location, is situated in the heart of London’s newest business district at St. John’s Lane. They wanted to create a welcoming and sociable environment with world-class amenities, as well as something fresh and quirky to reflect the personality of this up-and-coming area.  

Designer Fausto Rinaldi of F&R Studio partnered with Acoufelt to develop a custom ceiling solution for the focal lounge and breakout space, including a kitchenette, bar, and casual seating area.  

Working under a tight 60-day turnaround for design, manufacture, and installation, the team created a series of curved and intersecting acoustic ceiling baffles that would ultimately achieve an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) value of .75. Slotting into the concrete coffers of the ceiling, the subtle Slate baffles complement the bold hues of the LED lighting which also absorb sound and reduce echo within the space.   

The clever integration of LED lighting and acoustic baffles within the feature ceiling undoubtedly leaves an impact on its occupants.  

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