Northrop Grumman

Custom Clouds

Defense contractor Northrop Grumman had their new offices in Huntsville, AL, completed by Birmingham-based construction firm Robins & Morton.

The two buildings contain office space, program management and engineering design space, an integration laboratory, a data center and a 350-person auditorium. Each office floor features an amenity loop surrounding the building elevators and core. The loop contains meeting rooms, food service areas and wellness rooms providing space where staff of varying clearance levels can gather to collaborate outside of the secure suites.

Acoufelt’s Custom Ceiling Clouds and Linear Ceiling Baffles were installed in the amenity loop to absorb excess noise and reduce reverberation, promoting a congenial soundscape for conversation and services. The ceiling products are a great option for areas requiring targeted acoustic treatment arising from the noise produced near the center of a room, and/or where floor or wall surfaces are unavailable. Additionally, Fracture Pulse Panels in the grey colorway enhanced sound quality in the 350-person auditorium.

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