Kilcoy Global Foods


WoodBeQuiet™ Ceiling Planks add sophistication to the rich, elegant textures and tones for Kilcoy Global Foods.

Amicus Interiors were brought on board for Kilcoy Global Foods’ new venture to integrate an exhibition and kitchen showrooms into their new experience center “The Hub”. The design intention for The Hub was to simulate best practices in food service and retail testing facilities, allowing Kilcoy to take chefs, retailers, and international customers on an immersive food journey from farm to table. This would require incorporating casual and boardroom dining, a bar, freezer, wash and dry room, and a full theatre kitchen into the space while preserving the esteemed Kilcoy brand image.

Sophie Shennan, Senior Interior Designer at Amicus, stated they were looking to highlight the beauty of high-quality food within a “rich and contemporary” interior. Acoufelt’s WoodBeQuiet acoustic ceiling planks fit perfectly into the brief, complementing the rural aesthetic while adding an element of acoustic functionality to the space.

Selected in color Barn Door, WoodBeQuiet ceiling planks were installed directly above the main boardroom table, absorbing excess noise for improved communication, focus, and privacy; a benefit to all employees and users of the space.

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