Interite Office


Acoustic comfort in the workplace is crucial to wellbeing and productivity, and this was top of mind when Wurkspace7 were contracted to design Interite’s new Brisbane, AU office. They knew that creating a beautiful, functional, and comfortable space would be pivotal in ensuring employees could perform at their best.

To achieve this, the design team at Wurkspace7 opted for a mix of Acoufelt’s Fracture Fineline acoustic wall panels and V30 acoustic ceiling panels (available in AU only). Fracture panels in neutral colors Platinum and Pearl were subtly integrated as a wall feature in meeting rooms and in hallway alcoves, adding depth through their distinctive beveled linework. The textured panels also add an element of warmth to complement the modern-industrial look of the office.

The finished look is sleek and sophisticated, balanced with a warm, functional, and comfortable feel. Wurkspaces7’s clever utilization of space speaks for itself, and Interite’s workforce will undoubtedly experience first-hand the benefit of thoughtful acoustic design.

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