GumGum Head Office

WoodBeQuiet™ Slat

With their rapid expansion and growing team, GumGum required a sophisticated workspace in London, UK, that would foster creativity, collaboration, and productivity.

The office design was completed by Kitt Offices, a leading workplace design firm known for creating tailored environments that enhance workplace culture. In partnership with Acoufelt, Kitt selected WoodBeQuiet™ Slats in Log Cabin with a Charcoal v-groove, installed in meeting rooms and near workstations to enhance the aesthetic while minimizing noise.

The slats add a biophilic visual element while also serving a critical functional role. With a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.45, these panels effectively absorb excess noise, creating an acoustically pleasant atmosphere conducive to productive work.

Interwoven with ecological elements, cool green tones, and natural textiles, Acoufelt’s WoodBeQuiet™ Slats complement the earthy palette, creating a warm, welcoming environment.

A modern conference room in the GumGum head office boasts a large wooden table surrounded by eight gray chairs. The room features a wood-paneled accent wall with a flat-screen TV mounted on it. There's a potted plant in the corner and acoustic ceiling panels hanging above the table.
A modern lounge area in the GumGum head office features two light green armchairs, a beige sofa, a wooden coffee table, and a tall potted plant in the corner. The room boasts large windows and a wood-paneled accent wall with gray carpeting on the floor.
A modern meeting room in the GumGum Head Office with wooden walls, featuring a large flat-screen TV, a long wooden table, and several light gray chairs. A wall-mounted device is near the entrance. The room is partially visible through an open door.

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