frog design


frog design offices, located in South Congress, a neighborhood in Austin, Texas reached out to Perkins&Will to help creatively design an 18,000 square-foot studio to accommodate their growing workforce and its shifting needs. Interior Project Designer, Brent Arnold, was faced with a challenge: a layout and design that would inspire collaborative work in the office space, while also accommodating individual spaces for heads-down work.

In order to design a space that supported both collaborative and individual work, Arnold knew the space would need soundscaping solutions. Arnold chose Acoufelt’s WoodBeQuiet product, knowing that it would offer an aesthetically pleasing wood look, while also providing an acoustical absorptive quality for the multi-function space. WoodBeQuiet’s slender tile design also allowed room for conduit and other infrastructure to be installed behind it for a clean, open-to-structure ceiling. Since the product has been installed, Arnold said he has received numerous compliments, stating that many thought it was real wood.

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