Balfour Beatty

Custom Wall Panels

Balfour Beatty is a leading infrastructure group with office locations across the globe. As they looked to design their new space in Charlotte, North Carolina, they wanted an innovative approach to sharing their project reach within the Charlotte community.

The managing designer from Warco Construction reached out to Acoufelt to utilize Filasorb™ felt to create an entire wall map highlighting the main lakes, highways, and roadways in and around Charlotte.

The Acoufelt Design and Engineering team worked closely with Warco to manage every detail of this project. The entire wall is composed of 3 layers of felt.

  • Base Layer  12mm in Charcoal
  • Second Layer  3mm in Metal cut to define three specific angle cuts – 30, 60 and 90 degrees to define the roadways and another 3mm in Midnight cut to depict the lakes and is flush with Metal
  • Third Layer  3mm in White to depict the state line and the Balfour Beatty logo

In addition to planning the visual elements, installation methods needed special consideration to accommodate the various cuts and layers. In the end, the vertical lines of the major arteries operated as the seams to make installation easier.

To finalize the project Acoufelt created six different size felt circle push pins used to indicate the location and size of projects in and around Charlotte. The Balfour Beatty team adds a new circle to the map when a new project is completed.

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