Azurity Pharmaceuticals


When Azurity Pharmaceuticals needed to consolidate its office in Atlanta, Georgia, they reached out to the team at Vickers Design Group. Azurity was underutilizing the entire 18th floor of the Concourse IV building and needed to downsize.  The challenge was to move from a full floor to an 11,000 sq ft. office space that had access to daylight for all employees and guests.  Additionally, the space needed to support various types of work and meeting spaces. The existing space had private offices that lined the exterior walls and rows of tall cubicles that blocked natural light from entering the space.  

The new design removed the private offices and meeting spaces to the center of the space and utilized open-to-structure ceilings to make the space more open. Areas that tend to have many conversations such as conference rooms and the break rooms, needed additional sound absorption, and Vickers chose Acoufelts various baffle product.  

The full soundscaping solution included multiple colors that reflected Azurity’s brand. The clean-lined Linear Baffles in Charcoal, Metal, and Pearl were used in the conference room, Step Baffles in Popcorn were used to create energy in the breakroom, and comfortable Fan Baffles in Kale were used in the lounge area. Azurity loved the space design and acoustic solutions so much that it became their new corporate standard.  

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