Acoufelt US Experience Center


With the approach of Acoufelt’s first national sales meeting, the opportunity arose to flex our design muscle and create visually impactful solutions inside our headquarters. A mix of dedicated office space and flexible work areas presented different challenges for different areas.

Said Ron Truan, director of corporate accounts, “The QuietHive showroom renovation was an opportunity for the Acoufelt team to showcase the functionality and design reach of standard and custom solutions”. The entry, in particular, was inviting but not the statement we wanted to make as people entered the space. In addition, ceiling mechanicals would necessitate a custom approach and considering that fact, why not push the boundaries of what the material can do? What ensued was an undulating ceiling drawing the eye down to the Acoufelt logo made entirely of our FilaSorb™ technical felt.

With sound managed at the building’s entryway, attention turned to the most active touch-down work area, a favorite among remote employees and a natural casual meeting spot. Truan envisioned utilizing the award-winning SoftenUp product to absorb sounds moving upward but wanted to capture it between the work table and kitchenette as well. He and global design director, Kuan-Wen Chiu, crafted a solution to extend the visual appeal of SoftenUp to a vertical application creating a striking vignette visibly open but shielding occupants from unwanted noise.

“As a department that frequently used the flexible space in our main office, the design and engineering team experienced first-hand the difference between an area with sound management and one without. It was important not only for our own productivity but also for teams working in adjacent areas,” stated Chiu, “Of course the design impact was undeniable. It changed the perception of the whole room”.

From standard product applications to customized features, the changes incorporated into Acoufelt Americas headquarters express the type of projects we are consulted about daily and we treat each outcome as if it were our own.

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