Acoufelt North American Corporate Office

Creative Cut Screens

When Acoufelt moved to its new corporate office and factory space in Auburn Hills, MI, our designers relished the challenge of outfitting the space with acoustic ceiling and wall products for improved sound quality, privacy, and artistic detail.

The cafe area features Truss ceiling baffles that absorb conversations while people are grabbing a coffee or having a quiet lunch. Utilizing the Sonar design of our Creative Cut Screens, and the sliding installation method, the once large open space now houses our testing area as well. The screens reduce noise from testing machinery but can easily be opened when more space is needed.

Fracture Wall Tiles in Barcode 1 and 2 were installed outside the boardroom in our new Celery colorway. The result is a full-scale design featuring texture, depth, and shadow.

The team also created custom wall and ceiling designs for the space. The boardroom features a custom ceiling baffle installation that’s an instant attention-getter and serves a practical purpose in enhancing conversations in a large space. A wall installation uses a custom design of undulating panels to create a map of the world which showcases all Acoufelt’s global offices and manufacturing facilities.

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