Smooth, absorptive, expressive

FilaSorb™ felt is designed right from the fibers we select for superior sound absorption, sustainability, human safety, depth of color, and smooth surface printing.

Beginning with careful sourcing, through skillful manufacturing, FilaSorb is quality controlled at every step. By combining fibers of different color tones and thicknesses, we maintain a high level of control over the color finish, achieving color depth and strong saturation.

Fine fibers of different denier are blended to create material in a range of thicknesses. This construction ensures a highly active surface area for sound absorption, and a greater area for dispersion of sound.

The smooth surface of this technical felt allows our panels to be printed with high precision, without impacting acoustic performance.

We’ve also tested the Light Reflectance Values (LRV) of each of our FilaSorb™ colors, to ensure you can select the optimal shades for your design projects.

We produce FilaSorb™ products in a wide range of thicknesses and presentations to cater to different acoustic, aesthetic and budgetary requirements.

Consumer waste is a resource in our manufacturing. We use a minimum of 60% recycled PET material in FilaSorb – every square foot contains the regenerated fibers from approximately 10 20oz recycled PET bottles. To close the loop on the circular economy, products made from FilaSorb can be recycled again at the end of their useful life.