Our US division works in customer-centered, cross-functional teams of engineers, designers, and soundscaping consultants. We have built a diverse, inclusive, and global culture. If you are driven to make better experiences for people, we would love to meet you.

Care is taken with each new product design to ensure commercial viability and sound engineering principles. The materials used to produce acoustic solutions are stocked, manufactured and assembled in Michigan.
With the production area in the same building as product and client services teams, communication is consistent and seamless.
Shipping containers are built on-site to ensure proper size and packing so product arrives in perfect condition.
Cross-functional work teams empower all of us to provide input on decisions. One hundred brains are better than one.
Many rounds of prototypes are made before products are released into the market. We control the manufacturing process in our North American headquarters to ensure quality, fit, and finish.
Precision tooling in the hands of an exceptionally trained team ensures that every product is produced to our highly exacting standards.
Our sample department is stocked and organized for timely delivery to customers.

Global Advisory Board

Our global advisory board includes experts in human factors, well-building design, noise and vibration science, and worldwide architectural markets. Together this think-tank augments our in-house skills with the specific brief to advance thought leadership and make Acoufelt an unparalleled leader in the acoustic materials industry.

Watch our experts in the first episode of  “Acoustics and the Future Built Environment”.

Michael Neale

Advisory Board, Chair

Kati Barklund

Advisory Board Member

Colin Hansen

Advisory Board Member

portrait of dr. umnova

Dr. Umnova Olga

Advisory Board Member

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