Design + Manufacturing

At Acoufelt, we believe acoustic design is one component of great architectural and interior design. The purpose of the space, the function of its elements, the physical and emotional context the designer envisions, and the health and wellbeing of inhabitants – all of these considerations go into the creation of Acoufelt’s toolbox for designers – tools for Making Quiet, beautifully.

Source Control

Our designs begin with the purposeful and uncompromising sourcing of materials in the design of every fiber and material we use. We pursue sustainable practices in manufacturing in an effort to eliminate waste and reuse materials, contributing to the circular economy through careful and considered raw material sourcing. We make sure that sourced materials and chemicals used in creating our products are safe for our manufacturing teams to handle and safe for human use.

Innovation and Technology

Our Product Development team constantly pursues technological advances in materiality, installation, and performance testing to advance the acoustic performance of each product alongside the aesthetic capacity of our collection. We begin by blending carefully sourced fibers, using them to produce materials that carry many surface expressions and a deep color palette, giving designers an acoustic toolbox that works the way they do.

Precision and Craftsmanship

More than forty years of manufacturing history, meeting international quality standards, have delivered on our promise to our customers – that we will always provide acoustic products that are beautiful, durable, and support human health and well-being. We set the bar for craftsmanship in our field of acoustic design by transforming our acoustic materials into creative and desirable interior products, and using the latest cutting, bevelling, and printing technologies to produce products of exacting quality.