Utilizing only high-quality, hand-selected fibers, the Premier Collection merges superior acoustics with an astonishingly smooth surface and depth of color—without compromising on our trademark commitment to sustainability and wellness. Meticulous sourcing and manufacturing plus an exacting approach to blending fibers of varying color tones and thicknesses allows us to maintain strict control of an exceptional finished product.

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An abstract composition featuring layered, high-quality acoustic felt. A wavy brown piece overlays geometric shapes in hues of pink, yellow, and brown. A red semicircle emerges from behind a gray rectangle at the top, casting shadows with a soft, textured effect that exudes luxury.





  • Available colors
  • Material
    FilaSorb™ polyester felt
    Polyester felt
    100% wool
    FilaSorb™ polyester felt
  • Recycled content
    Minimum of 60%
    Minimum of 55%
    Minimum of 60%
  • Thicknesses
    2, 7, 9, 12, 24, 25, 50mm*
    9mm, 18mm
    12mm (3mm Naturals + 9mm Essentials)
    12mm, 24mm
  • Origin
    Manufactured and assembled in the USA
    Manufactured and assembled in the USA
    Manufactured and assembled in the USA
    Manufactured and assembled in the USA

* 2, 7, 9, 25, and 50mm thicknesses are limited to Solid Wall Panels

A modern office space with large windows allowing natural light to flood in. The ceiling, capped with a blue geometric acoustic felt frame, adds a contemporary touch. Desks and shelves are neatly organized with books, framed pictures, and storage boxes. Two colorful grids hang on the back wall.
A ceiling with an acoustic grid pattern composed of blue felt frames and concrete sections is capped with an industrial-modern design. The blue panels fill the grid spaces, creating a checked effect. Thin wires are visible for suspension.
Premier acoustic felt gray wall panel with a modern, geometric design featuring a zigzag pattern. The panel incorporates vertical lines and varying shades of gray to create a visually striking and textured surface.
A dark blue textured wall with a repeating pattern of small, evenly spaced, downward triangular indentations. The light source casts subtle shadows, enhancing the geometric design and giving it a three-dimensional appearance.
A close-up view of a textured acoustic felt panel with a dark blue herringbone pattern. The pattern consists of a series of zigzag lines creating a visually appealing and rhythmic design. The lighting accentuates the depth and contours of the texture.
A close-up view of a beige wall with narrow, horizontal indented lines arranged in a seemingly random pattern across the surface. The lines are thin and evenly spaced, creating a subtle, textured appearance on the otherwise plain background.
A geometric abstract art piece featuring vertical blue and orange lines. The blue lines are evenly spaced with varying lengths, revealing underlying orange strips in between. The overall design creates a visually striking alternating pattern.