Create an oasis of planet-friendly quiet. Durable, renewable, and compostable, raw wool fibers are intrinsically sound absorptive, flame-retardant and readily bonded to dyes, resulting in richly saturated, fade-resistant colors. The Acoufelt Naturals Collection makes the most of these qualities with a curated collection of 21 hues, each with the subtle texture and variation only achievable with 100% natural wool.

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Abstract arrangement featuring a variety of circular tiles in blue, yellow, pink, and mustard on a marble surface. A leafy branch extends from the bottom right corner, and a partial view of patterned grey fabric is on the right. Pebbles are arranged on the top right, adding natural elements to the scene.





  • Available colors
  • Material
    FilaSorb™ polyester felt
    Polyester felt
    100% wool
    FilaSorb™ polyester felt
  • Recycled content
    Minimum of 60%
    Minimum of 55%
    Minimum of 60%
  • Thickness
    2, 7, 9, 12, 24, 25, 50mm*
    9mm, 18mm
    12mm (3mm Naturals + 9mm Essentials)
    12mm, 24mm
  • Origin
    Manufactured and assembled in the USA
    Manufactured and assembled in the USA
    Manufactured and assembled in the USA
    Manufactured and assembled in the USA

* 2, 7, 9, 25, and 50mm thicknesses are limited to Solid Wall Panels

A modern office kitchen with round black tables and gray chairs. The walls are gray, featuring a geometric acoustic felt design. The kitchen has white cabinets and a black countertop with a sink. Shelves with plants and recessed lighting add a contemporary touch.
A geometric wall art installation featuring various triangular and quadrilateral wooden panels arranged in an abstract pattern on a dark background. The shapes are natural wood tones, contrasting with the dark wall.
A maranta plant, also known as a prayer plant, with green and red variegated leaves, is placed against a plain gray acoustic felt paneled wall. The soft light casts a subtle shadow of the plant onto the wall, adding a gentle texture to the background. This setup perfectly complements natural décor themes.
A close-up shot of a beige, rectangular suspended acoustic felt ceiling panel against a dark background. The panel has a smooth texture and is hanging via thin, almost invisible wires. Out of focus, vibrant green foliage can be seen in the background, adding a touch of naturals to the scene.