The practical solution for busy offices, gathering areas and lobbies in education, healthcare and more. With a range of classic colors and designs and a lightly napped, inviting texture, the Acoufelt Essentials Collection makes it easy to incorporate the benefits of proven sound management into crowded environments. Choose cost-effective soft architecture created with an eye toward sustainability and wellbeing. 

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A top-down view of a minimalist acoustic felt arrangement featuring geometric shapes and textures. It includes a black rectangle, a circular disc, a textured semicircle, and a series of vertical dark panels. Three beige yarn balls sit on the left, casting soft shadows over the naturals-inspired design.





  • Available colors
  • Material
    FilaSorb™ polyester felt
    Polyester felt
    100% wool
    FilaSorb™ polyester felt
  • Recycled content
    Minimum of 60%
    Minimum of 55%
    Minimum of 60%
  • Thicknesses
    2, 7, 9, 12, 24, 25, 50mm*
    9mm, 18mm
    12mm (3mm Naturals + 9mm Essentials)
    12mm, 24mm
  • Origin
    Manufactured and assembled in the USA
    Manufactured and assembled in the USA
    Manufactured and assembled in the USA
    Manufactured and assembled in the USA

* 2, 7, 9, 25, and 50mm thicknesses are limited to Solid Wall Panels

A modern, minimalist dining area with two mustard yellow chairs, a round wooden table, and a green ottoman, all on light wooden flooring and accented with an acoustic felt wall panel. A black pendant light hangs overhead, and a large plant in a white pot stands by a large window, illuminating the room.
A modern office corner with a wooden round table, mustard-colored chair, and a large potted plant. The dark geometric acoustic felt patterned wall and a hanging pendant light create a sophisticated, minimalist ambiance. Items like books and pens are scattered on the table.
A lush fiddle-leaf fig plant, one of the essentials for any stylish home, stands in front of a light-colored, vertically paneled acoustic felt wall. The late afternoon sun casts sharp shadows of the plant's broad, veined leaves onto the wall, creating a striking visual contrast.
A minimalist image featuring a stack of seven dark gray rectangular acoustic felt baffles, each progressively smaller than the one beneath, positioned against a light gray textured background. The stack creates a stepped, pyramid-like effect, capturing the essence of essentials in design.
A minimalist scene with four essential books stacked on a gray cabinet against a gray textured acoustic felt wall. The books are titled "Benjamin West," "A Possession Obsession," and "William Wegman Paintings," along with one book whose title is partially obscured.