A modern, spacious interior with billow-patterned acoustic felt ceiling baffles, large windows, and abundant natural light. Seating includes sofas, chairs, and tables. A tiered seating area on the right is designed for lounging or presentations. Plants add a touch of greenery.

Refreshing Softness

New level of comfort and style
Billow Ceiling Baffle
A modern office space with large windows allowing natural light to flood in. The ceiling, capped with a blue geometric acoustic felt frame, adds a contemporary touch. Desks and shelves are neatly organized with books, framed pictures, and storage boxes. Two colorful grids hang on the back wall.

Classically Quiet

Enhance acoustics and aesthetics
Framework Capped
A modern, elegant indoor home space with acoustic felt wall panels, indoor plants, and a decorative art piece on the left wall. A single teal armchair and a small round table with a white flower arrangement are situated against the wall, with a light-colored ceiling.

Sophisticated, Flexible Design

Wall panels that continue to raise the bar

Billow Ceiling Baffles | White


NEW Felt Colors

Seasonal Dreamscapes

Four new felt colors - Amethyst, Valentine, Wheat and Eucalyptus - inspired by the seasons.

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Spacious dining area with amethyst felt ceiling and wall panels, modern wooden beams, large windows, and multiple seating arrangements, featuring plush chairs and stylish pendant lights.
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Three Things to Love about Felt

Fashionable, functional and environmentally friendly, felt packs a three-way punch.

Protect employees, customers, and future generations.

We help designers, architects, and owners meet their clean building goals.
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Able and available

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Sound Advice

The Basics of Soundscaping

The sound of a space is essential to its experience, and unwanted sound has a steep cost.

Unwanted sound can diminish the experience of a place where people work, learn, heal and connect. Acoufelt is making quiet, by design.