A modern office space with a tall desk in the center, featuring a laptop and a black notebook. The background includes a textured blue wall with circular patterns. The ceiling has exposed pipes and three spherical pendant lights. A large plant is visible to the left.

High-Performance Quiet

Art and function wall panels
Concave Formation Wall Panel
A top-down view of different woodgrain acoustic felt samples with varying woodgrain patterns and colors, arranged neatly. A small sprig with green leaves lies on one of the lighter wood samples, and part of a circular wooden stool is visible in the lower right corner.

Simple and Smart

Great Performance + Thoughtful Design
Essentials Collection
A modern, minimalist interior features a small white round table with four light green chairs. The backdrop is a dark blue acoustic felt wall accented with vertical, colorful stripes that resemble finely stitched seams. A potted plant with large green leaves stands on the left, adding a touch of nature.

Elegance and Functionality

High-quality, customized sound absorption
Seam Wall Panel

Concave Formation Wall Panel | Periwinkle


NEW Felt Colors

Seasonal Dreamscapes

Four new felt colors - Amethyst, Valentine, Wheat and Eucalyptus - inspired by the seasons.

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Spacious and elegant modern lobby featuring high ceilings and large windows, luxurious beige and white furniture, chic lighting fixtures, and acoustic wall panels in Wheat for a quiet atmosphere.
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Three Things to Love about Felt

Fashionable, functional and environmentally friendly, felt packs a three-way punch.

Protect employees, customers, and future generations.

We help designers, architects, and owners meet their clean building goals.
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Able and available

Design symbols for wall and ceiling products can be found on our resources page.
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The Basics of Soundscaping

The sound of a space is essential to its experience, and unwanted sound has a steep cost.

Unwanted sound can diminish the experience of a place where people work, learn, heal and connect. Acoufelt is making quiet, by design.