Modern and spacious living room with eclectic hanging ceiling clouds, large windows, and a cozy seating area featuring pendant-shaped ceiling clouds.

Artistic + Acoustic Masterpiece

Turn sound absorption grand-scale

Illuminate with Sleek Design

A cutting-edge ceiling solution
Truss LED

Making Quiet by Design

Let us help you
Fracture Two-Tone

Pendant Cloud | Popcorn, Turmeric, Carrot, Peach, Periwinkle, Graphite, Peacock, Sea Salt


Product Feature

Online Configurator

Visualize and customize our Fracture Two-Tone and Pixel wall tiles with specific patterns and color combinations - plus print the specs and get a free sample.

Online Configurator
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Three Things to Love about Felt

Fashionable, functional and environmentally friendly, felt packs a three-way punch.

Protect employees, customers, and future generations.

We help designers, architects, and owners meet their clean building goals.
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Sound Advice

The Basics of Soundscaping

The sound of a space is essential to its experience, and unwanted sound has a steep cost.

Unwanted sound can diminish the experience of a place where people work, learn, heal and connect. Acoufelt is making quiet, by design.